Three Months Package - 12 One Hour Sessions

Set aside a little more time for yourself!  With the three month/12 sessions package you will see our work together begin to change in your life!  You will be clear about your goals, what priority they have been designated and together we will work out a plan of action for you to follow during our time together.  Then, if there are still actions, steps or plans you need to follow when you're on your own, they will be clearly define and outline as you step out on your own!

One Month Package - 4 One Hour Sessions

Set aside a little time for yourself!  With this one month/4 sessions option you can begin to work on making a simple change in your life!  You will be able to lay things out, prioritize your goals and work out a short term plan for you to follow on your own once our work is done!

1 One Hour Session

Spend one hour with Jeanine discussing anything you are looking to make a decision on, to make a change in and come up with a simple strategy for you to follow on your own.

Working with Jeanine on a one on one basis allows you to have the undivided attention you're looking for.  You choose from available appointments or set up a reoccurring weekly appointment that fits best into your schedule.  You can choose what works best for you, either a single session or you can choose from several different packages that save you money!  Whatever plan you choose, get ready to work, get ready to move your life forward with Jeanine and the proven methods she has to offer for personal satisfaction and growth.    




Six Month Package - 24 One Hour Sessions

Congratulation!  You're ready to dedicate yourself and your precious time to making a big and permanant Change in your life!  This package offers long term support for someone making a decision that may require more time, more options or just more support to navigate through the different facets of the larger change that you may be making.  These once a week sessions, four per month, over the six month period, will offer you the continued guidance, attention and assistance you are looking for at a discounted rate. 

Workshops and Retreats Coming Soon!