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Do you remember what it feels like to have the grass between your toes?  Does your dinner plate look more like the desert than the Rainforest?  Come get reacquainted with nature and learn a few quick changes to make your life a bit more green and help the planet!  


Whether you're feeling undeserving, lost, unappreciated, incapable or undervalued in your every day life, we can shift your mindset!   Begin working toward understanding your value, start enjoying more clarity and reclaim your personal power!

Coaching for You! 

        Free Healthy Recipes

Put away the phone, close the computer and turn off the headset.  It's time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your Spirit.  Luxuriate with "Me Time".  Reintroduce yourself to the value of Self Care, whether it's a meditation, journaling or getting a massage!

Green Intentions!

Connect the Mind, Body and Spirit with Organic Intentions!